An image of a gravel-bed river flowing between mountains. A dark logo on the bottom left reads "Geomorphica". Kicking Horse River at Field, Yoho National Park Photo by: Dr Dale Leckie (@DaleALeckie)

About the Journal

Geomorphica is a community-led and community-driven Diamond Open Access journal that promotes academic discourse and disseminates research results pertaining to all aspects of geomorphology, including, but not limited to, landscapes and landforms, earth and other planetary near-surface processes, and the mechanisms, dynamics and timescales pertaining to these processes. Diamond Open Access journals are free for all to read, without subscription, and do not charge article processing fees to authors.

Banner Information: Kicking Horse River at Field, Yoho National Park. Photo by: Dr. Dale Leckie (@DaleALeckie)

Geomorphica is open for submissions!

Thanks to the work of a diverse community with more than 30 volunteers that have contributed to its development over the last couple of years, Geomorphica is now open for submissions!

To support Geomorphica, you can also sign up to be a reviewer for the journal and indicate your field(s) of expertise in the reviewer's database: and follow us on Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn